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Our Mission
The Sudbury Multicultural and Folk Arts Association fosters cultural diversity and promotes unity through the celebration, preservation, and sharing of traditional arts and customs within the Sudbury community.
Upcoming Events and Activities
Stay connected and discover a world of vibrant cultural experiences with our upcoming events and activities. From captivating performances to interactive workshops, join us in celebrating the richness of multicultural and folk arts in Sudbury.
Income Tax
ENG Class
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Canadian Day 2023
Celebrated on July 1st, Canada Day marks the anniversary of the confederation of Canada,
AGM 2023
An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a mandatory yearly gathering of an organization's shareholders or members.
GALA Dinner 2023
Join us for an evening that embodies the spirit of community and celebrates the colorful tapestry of cultures we are so privileged to have. 
Income Tax Preparation
Write a short description. Use an active voice to make the writing more engaging and concise for the reader.
English Class lv 1
The program aims to create a foundation for speaking, reading, and writing in English.
English Class lv 2
The program focuses on developing and improving English vocabulary, understanding English grammar and verbs, and enhancing listening and comprehension skills.
French Class lv 1
The program focuses on developing and improving the basic vocabulary in French. 
French Class lv 2
The program aims to provide an understanding of French grammar and verbs, enhance listening and comprehension skills, and enable learners to hold basic conversations in French.
Make a contribution to our diversify community
"Support Diversity & Unity! 🌍 Every donation to the Sudbury Multicultural Folks & Art Association not only celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures in our community but also strengthens our bonds. Let's embrace our differences and create a vibrant, inclusive Sudbury. Donate today and be a beacon of unity! ✨ #SudburyUnitedInDiversity"
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Become a Volunteer
We invite newcomers, youths and adults in the community to join SMFAA in our many cultural activities. Volunteering is a great way to meet people, network and discover the many joys of your community. Volunteering with SMFAA lets you do all of this while experiencing and learning from the many vibrant cultures present in our city.
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